Under the Ministerial decree no. 792 issued on 28/12/1438 H, the "SLTelework Program" is subjected to the following laws and regulations:

First: SLTelework means that the worker performs his work duties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia away from his usual workplace, using any means of communication and information technology.

Second: A SLTeleworker means any normal Saudi person, who performs work for the benefit of the employer – out of his sight – in exchange for a fee, so as to be under his supervision and management.

Third: The contractual relationship for the SLTeleworker is subjected to the provisions of the Labor Law, unless otherwise provided for in this decision; and the contractual relationship for the SLTeleworker is regulated by a written work contract explicitly stating that the work is carried out “remotely” for the employer and it specifies the following:

  • Job tasks and job description
  • Number of working hours
  • Work start and end times
  • Wages and allowances in addition to any other rights provided for in the labor system, the ministerial decrees or the internal regulations adopted in the establishment.

Fourth: Employment mechanism of "SLTelework" subject to this decision requires that the employer is committed to taking into account public safety - required in the workplace - when determining the place or places of "SLTelework" to maintain the safety of the SLTeleworker.

Fifth: SLTelework hours could occur in nonworking hours adopted at the establishment, provided that the working hours will be determined according to the circumstances and the nature of the work requirements, taking into account the provisions of the labor law and the ministerial decrees.

Sixth: It's required to employ "SLTeleworkers" to be registered in the SLTelework Portal.

Seventh: People with Disabilities who are SLTeleworking are counted as one in "Nitaqat"

Eighth: It's required to register the "SLTeleworker" in Social Security "GOSI"